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Where To Find Suspicious Sand In Desert Temple?

In Minecraft 1.20, players can come across Suspicious Sand that they can find in Desert Temple.

Additionally, this variation hides something unique within it.

Players of Minecraft can come across the new archaeological addition, the Suspicious Sand.

Moreover, players can find Suspicious Sand in various places, such as the back rooms of the Desert Temple. However, there are more places to find Suspicious Sand.

Continue reading to learn more places to find the Suspicious Sand and what rewards you can obtain from them.

What Are Suspicious Sand In Minecraft?

Suspicious Sand is a new variant of the Sand blocks.

They spawn inside structures found in the Desert Biome. Additionally, players can find them in Warm Ocean Ruins.

Moreover, the Suspicious Sand is a new addition to the game and the archeology mechanics in the 1.20 update for Minecraft.

Additionally, Suspicious Sand looks nearly identical to regular Sand.

However, the players can discern between the two because the Suspicious Sand is much grainier than normal Sand.

find Suspicious Sand in Desert Temple
Suspicious Sand looks like the block.

Furthermore, Gravity affects both the normal Sand and Suspicious Sand blocks.

Additionally, the Suspicious Sand breaks when the player drops the block, whereas the normal Sand changes its shape only.

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Where Are Desert Temples In Minecraft?

Desert Temple is a structure that players can find in the Desert Biome.

Additionally, the temple contains four different loot chests hidden under the foot.

Players need to use TNT to obtain the loot chests. Furthermore, in 1.2o, the temples have a lower room situated in the back. 

Where To Find Suspicious Sand In Desert Temple In Minecraft?

Players can find Suspicious Sand in the lower back rooms of the Desert Temple.

Furthermore, other players advise the players to look carefully when they are searching for Suspicious Sand.

Additionally, due to the limited amount of Sand blocks in the temple back rooms, identifying the Suspicious Sand blocks can be challenging.

When players find Suspicious Sand, they can brush the dust off it and obtain unique loot. However, dusting the Sand will destroy the Sand block itself.

Moreover, the main reason to find the Suspicious Sand in Minecraft is to unearth the Unique loot inside it.

A note for the players is that Suspicious Sand spawns in other areas other than the Desert Temple.

The Suspicious Sand can spawn in Desert Temple, Desert Well and Warm Ocean Ruins.

Here is a list of items obtainable from the Suspicious Sand obtainable in each area;

Desert Temple Suspicious SandDesert Well Suspicious SandWarm Ocean Ruin Suspicious Sand
Skull Pottery ShardArms Up Pottery ShardSniffer Egg
Miner Pottery ShardStickAngler Pottery Shard
GunpowderSuspicious StewGold Nugget
TNTBrewer Potter ShardIron Axe
Archer Pottery ShardBrickCoal
Prize Pottery ShardEmeraldEmerald
Emerald-Shelter Pottery Shard
--Snort Pottery Shard
--Woden Hoe

All the above items are a unique drop when the player dusts off the Suspicious Sand.

The Bottom Line

The new archaeological find is something players are very drawn towards. The unique rewards within the Sand are very enticing for the players.

However, Suspicious Sand is quite rare and duly because of the unique items obtainable from them.

Hopefully, this article can guide us toward finding the Suspicious Sand and even more towards the unique rewards hidden within the Sand.

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