How Much does a Computer Monitor Weigh?

People are mostly focused on the Computers’ brand, size, and specifications. However, the weight of the Computer and its parts are also equally important while buying a new Computer or Monitor.

You may want to know the weight for shipping or estimate the desk’s weight capacity.

A typical Computer Monitor weighs about 15 to 60 lbs. Small-sized Monitors weigh as little as 2-3 lbs, while large-sized Monitors can come with 26-30 lbs. The Monitor’s weight may be different according to its size, brand, and type.

This article will provide useful information about Computer Monitor weights, comparison between different sizes and brands about their weights, etc.

Why are Computer Monitors Heavy?

Computer Monitors are usually heavy, even more so when compared to laptops. Different factors like materials, components, etc., make the Monitor heavy.

  • The material used to make Computers contribute to its weight. If a monitor is built out of light aluminum or plastic, it will be lighter; about one to two pounds compared to Monitors made of thick steel.
  • According to research, a Computer Monitor can contain more than 6% lead by weight. Lead is a heavy compound that also adds to the weight.
  • The CRT monitors also have copper yoke plastic casing and copper coils, making Computer Monitors heavier.
  • Components like the connectors and power supplies make the Monitor heavier.
  • The Monitor has onboard electronics needed to convert video transmission signals into video panel signals. The extra electronic components also add to the Monitor’s weight even though the added weight is minute. 
  • It needs to be built using thicker materials to keep it from flexing.
computer monitor weighs
PC Monitor (Source: Unsplash)

Why does Computer Monitor Weight Matter?

Computer weight determines the ease of transport and the type of desk and equipment to use.

If your Computer is light, it will be easier to move it around, and it is easier for you if you want to move your home office.

The Monitor’s weight also determines the type of desk you choose. For instance, sturdy wooden desks are required for heavy Computers.

For more information read the article; What Materials are Best for an Home Office Desk?

If your Monitor is too light, then your monitor arm might spring up. So, you need to choose the Monitor arm by knowing the correct weight of the desk.

If you want to ship your Monitor somewhere, you certainly should know the correct weight of the item for safe transport and accurate payments.

You might also want to set up multiple Monitors on your desk. But, again, you will need to use a VESA mount for it.

Before buying the mount, you need to know the Monitor’s weight to choose the correct mount to support the weight of your Monitor.

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How Heavy are your Computer Monitors?

The Computer monitors’ weights differ depending on their size, brand, and types.

Generally, an average Monitor weighs about 15 to 60 pounds. However, the weight of the Monitor varies according to its type.

For instance, a 24-inch gaming Monitor is lighter than a Monitor used for video editing even though they have the same size.

The table below provides a brief overview of the weight of monitors according to their size.

Monitor SizeMonitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (Kg)
20 inches or less5.49 lbs2.49 kg
25 inches or less7.25 lbs3.28 kg
30 inches or less10.2 lbs4.62 kg

Each brand makes monitors that weigh differently. Here are some popular monitor brands with their size and weight information.

1. Extra Small Monitors

Generally, the average weight of extra small monitors (11 inches to 15 inches) ranges from 1.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (Kg)
Prechen Mini Monitor11.6 inches2.72 lbs1.233 kg
KALESMART Portable Gaming Monitor13.3 inches3.00 lbs1.36 kg
Lepow15.6 inches1.7 lbs0.77 kg
Thinlerain Mini Monitor13.3 inches3.19 lbs1.44 kg
Eyoyo 12" Inch TFT LCD Monitor12 inches3.52 lbs1.59 kg

2. Small Monitors

The average weight of small Monitors (16 inches to 20 inches) ranges from 2.5 lbs to 7 lbs.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (kg)
AOC 16 inch16 inches2.64 lbs1.19 kg
AYY Portable Monitor 1080P16.1 inches1.88 lbs0.852 kg
Acer V176L17 inches5.73 lbs2.599 kg
ViewSonic VA708A17 inches6.8 lbs3.08 kg
101AV LCD Security Monitor18.5 inches5.84 lbs2.64 kg
HP V20 HD+ Monitor 19.5 inches6.91 lbs2.80 kg
Dell P2018H LED-Backlit LCD Monitor20 inches5.3 lbs2.40 kg

3. Medium Monitors

The average weight of medium Monitors (20 inches to 25 inches) ranges from 4.5 lbs to 10 lbs.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight(lbs)Monitor Weight(kg)
Spectre Ultra Thin LED Monitor20 inches4.43 lbs2.08 kg
HP Pavilion21.5 inches6.60 lbs2.99 kg
Dell E2220H22 inches7.74 lbs3.51 kg
SAMSUNG Curved Monitor23.5 inches6.8 lbs3.08 kg
Sceptre IPS LED Monitor24 inches6.02 lbs2.73 kg
Dell UltraSharp U2520D25 inches19.05 lbs8.64 kg

4. Large Monitors

The average weight of large Monitors (26 inches to 30 inches) ranges from 10 lbs to 15 lbs.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (kg)
Universal Computer Monitors26 inches2.55 lbs1.15 kg
ASUS VP279HE27 inches12.87 lbs5.83 kg
Lenovo UHD 4K Display28 inches11.45 lbs5.19 kg
LG UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor29 inches10.40 lbs4.71 kg
Sceptre 30-inch Monitor30 inches12.15 lbs5.51 kg

5. Extra Large Monitors

The average weight of extra-large Monitors (31 inches to 43 inches) ranges from 15 lbs to 30 lbs.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (kg)
AOC CU32V3 Curved Monitor31.5 inches‎16.96 lbs7.69 kg
SamsungSamsung LED-Lit Monitor32 inches27 lbs12.27 kg
Dell Ultrawide Monitor34 inches‎23.9 lbs10.84 kg
Sceptre Curved Monitor35 inches16.6 lbs7.52 kg
LG Monitor Curved Ultrawide38 inches18.3 lbs8.30 kg
Sceptre Curved 40" Class 16:9 QHD40 inches25.6 lbs11.61 kg
HP Z43 LED Backlit Gaming Monitor 42.5 inches21 lbs9.52 kg
ASUS ROG Strix 4K HDR DSC Gaming Monitor43 inches33.7 lbs15.28 kg
SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor 49 inches‎31.1 lbs14.10 kg

Weight Difference Between Same Size Computer Monitors

Even if the monitors have the same size specifications, they vary in weight depending on their brands.

Here are some of the top brand monitors of the same sizes and weight differences.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (kg)
Acer KB272HL Hbi27 inches11.3 lbs5.12 kg
ASUS VA27EHE Monitor27 Inches10 lbs4.53 kg
Sceptre IPS Gaming Monitor27 inches7.12 lbs3.22 kg
Dell SE2722HX27 inches9.7 lbs4.39 kg
LG 27QN600-B27 inches12.6 lbs5.71 kg

What is the Average Weight of Gaming Monitors?

A gaming monitor is about 3 to 5 pounds heavier than a normal monitor.

Usually, a gaming monitor with 27 inches weighs approximately 25 to 35 pounds. Meanwhile, large-sized gaming monitors can be as heavy as 50 pounds.

The table below provides a quick overview of the gaming monitors and their size and weight.

Monitor BrandMonitor Size (inch)Monitor Weight (lbs)Monitor Weight (kg)
AOC C27G2Z27 inches9.02 lbs4.09 kg
ViewSonic ELITE XG240R24 inches14.8 lbs6.38 kg
Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor25 inches13.47 lbs6.10 kg
Razer Raptor 27" Gaming Monitor27 inches29.9 lbs13.56 kg
LG 27GN950-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor27 inches16.9 lbs7.66 kg
DELL Dell S3222DGM31.5 inches16.4 lbs7.43 kg

Why is Gaming Monitor so Heavy?

Gaming Monitor has additional features to make it suitable for gaming. For example, it has a high-resolution screen with high refresh rates and low response screen time.

So, it is difficult to maintain high-quality features like these on a small case. In addition, gaming monitors also have a shield. These features add to the weight of gaming computers.

Components like multiple Graphics Processing Units, Extra fans, CPU (Central Processing Units) cooler, etc., make the gaming PCs heavier than normal.

However, gaming computers these days are low weight as compared to before.

computer monitor weighs
Gaming PC (Source: Amazon)

Do Old Monitors Weigh More than New Monitors?

Old monitors are usually bulkier than new ones. This is because CRT monitors are used in older PCs. However, LCD and LED monitors are used in new PCs.

CRT computer monitors weigh about four times more than LED or LCD monitors. For instance, a 27 inch CRT monitor can be as heavy as 40-50 pounds whereas, LCD monitors of the same size are lighter with about 9 pounds weight.

The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors are made of glass. They contain a very large tube inside. The tube is very thick to withstand the atmospheric pressure of 14.7 lbs per square inch.

This makes the old CRT monitors very heavy.

Monitor TypesSmall Size
Medium SizeLarge Size
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)HP EliteDisplay S14
(2.2 lbs)
HP pavilion 21.5 inch LCDHP pavilion 21.5 inch LCD
(6.6 lbs)
(12.8 lbs)
Light Emitting Diode (LED)ASUS Portable Monitor
(1.75 lbs)
HP EliteDisplay E233 23-inch IPS Full HD Monitor with VGA (Black)
(11-13 pounds)
BenQ 3840 x 2160 27" 4K UHD, sRGB Monitor CAD/CAM, Dual View
(15-16 pounds)
PlasmaXinyao 15'
(1.7 pound)
25' SXGA Monitor
(10 pounds)
Samsung 50" Plasma
(82.45 pounds)
Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6" Full HD
(1.72 pounds)
ASUS ProArt Display 27" Monitor PA278CV
(14.92 Pounds)
AORUS FO48U 48" 4K OLED Gaming Monitor
(45 pounds)
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)HP 17 inch CRT monitor
(34.10 pounds)
Mitsubishi DV215A
(52.91 pounds)
Sony PVM-4300 monitor
(440.92 pounds)

FAQs About the Computer Monitor Weight

Do Frameless Monitors Weigh More?

Frameless monitors are generally heavier than framed monitors.

The frameless monitors are approximately 5 to 10 pounds heavier than framed monitors.

Usually, a frameless monitor with a 27-inch size weighs 9 pounds, whereas a 27-inch frameless monitor weighs about 17 pounds.

computer monitor weighs
ASUS VA27EHE 27″ (Source: Amazon)

Do Computer Monitors With Larger Screens Weigh More?

Computer monitors with larger screens have more weight as compared to monitors with smaller screens.

On average, a monitor with a small screen weighs 5-6 pounds while larger-screened monitors weigh 18-19 pounds.

Final Verdict

A computer monitor is comparatively larger than a laptop screen. However, this is due to the multiple components it features.

Lightweight small-sized monitors are also available on the market in addition to high function heavy gaming monitors.

It is recommended that you know your needs and required features before buying heavy or light weight monitors.

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