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Can Sword Of The Hero Break? Repair Guide

The Sword of the Hero is a powerful weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with a rich history, once wielded by a Hero in an ancient age.

This Sword has a high damage output and a special bonus against water-based enemies.

Unlike other weapons, this one has a special feature. Are you wondering if it can break? And if so, how do you repair it or get a new one?

You can try reaching out to Light Dragon, an enemy that can suck in and spit out objects, Rock Octorok or taking the broken one to the blacksmith in Zora’s domain to repair the broken Sword of The Hero.

This article will explore why Sword of the Hero breaks and some practical ways to repair it.

What Is Sword Of Hero?

The Sword of Hero, a weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, is a one-handed weapon that you can find in a chest inside a massive tree stump in the Dalite Grove

It is a Sword used by a Hero in an ancient age and has a strange sense of nostalgia and history.

You can find it in the Gerudo Highlands. Some of the benefits of using the Sword of Hero are mentioned below.

  • It has a base damage of 17, greater than other one-handed Swords but cannot be fused with other elements.
  • It is a one-handed weapon, which means you can use it with a shield or another item in your other hand.

Does Sword Of The Hero Break?

Unfortunately, the Sword of the Hero can break if you use it too much.

It does not recharge like the Master Sword. Also, it does not shoot projectiles when at full health.

However, you can repair it by throwing it into a Rock Octrok’s mouth or buying another from a Bargainer Statue for Poes.

Alternatively, you can try looking for another powerful weapon in the game, such as Biggoron Sword, Hero Armor, Master Sword etc.

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How To Repair Broken Sword Of The Hero?

The Sword of the Hero is a water warrior modifier that gives you a strange nostalgia when you grasp it.

Here are some ascertained techniques you can try to repair the broken Sword of the Hero.

1. With Rock Octorok

If the Sword of the Hero breaks, you can try repairing it using a Rock Octorok.

Rock Octorok is an enemy that can suck in and spit out objects. They are hidden by large rocks on their heads when underground.

They will emerge and spit rocks at you if they notice your arrival. Remember, don’t let it damage you or your equipment with its projectiles.

Follow the steps mentioned below to repair the broken Sword of the Hero.

  1. First, you need to find the Rock Octorok, which is found in volcanic regions such as the Eldin region near Goron City.
find rock octorok inside rock
You can find Rock Octorok inside the rock.
  1. You can also refer to the map below for more details.
location to find out rock octorok
You can also use the map to find out the Rock Octorok.
  1. Then, drop your Sword on the ground near the Rock Octorok.
throw Sword Of The Hero near octorok
Throw Sword Of The Hero near Octorok.
  1. Wait a while; it will eat your Sword, and you will see sparkle effects in the meantime.
  2. After a while, it spits out the Sword, which will be repaired with an additional modifier.

This method of repairing does not work for Champion weapons. Occasionally Octorok fails to repair weapons if you try to repair an item twice.

Note: This method only works once per Rock Octorok per Blood Moon. Therefore, you need to find a different one if you want to repair another weapon shield.

2. Reach The Light Dragon

You can fix the broken Sword of the Hero by finding the Light Dragon and shooting an arrow at its horn.

This will cause the Dragon to drop a scale that can be used to repair the Sword at any blacksmith.

Then, you can take the broken Sword of the Hero to the blacksmith in Zora’s domain, Dento.

He will reforge your weapon for a fee of 5 flints, one diamond and 1000 rupees.

However, Light Dragon sometimes disappears after finding the Master Sword and completing the quest.

Alternatively, you can try infusing the Sword of the Hero to upgrade it at the Goron in Terry’s Town.

This will not restore the weapon’s durability but reset the fused material so you can use it for the next weapon.

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The Bottom Line

The Sword of the Hero is powerful but not as powerful as the Master Sword. Yet, you can enhance its power with the methods we mentioned above.

Following the above measures, you can repair the powerful weapon Sword of the Hero and use it to defeat the enemy.

Hopefully, this article is helpful in repairing the Sword of the Hero and helps you decide whether to use it.

Happy gaming with the Sword of the Hero, a mighty blade forged by the gods and imbued with magic.

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