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11 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas for Gamers

Are you an avid gamer looking to set up a dedicated gaming room, but all you have is a small bedroom?

Do not worry! Gaming in a small room may be uneasy, but there is no need to curb your gaming desires!

Remember, all you need is to be creative with the space to turn your bedroom into a functional gaming station.

Make your small gaming bedroom by emptying a wall/corner to add a single gaming desk or the gaming stand and gaming chair with wall-mounted storage. Think compact sitting and storage space to fit everything!

Single bedroom gaming room
Single-bedroom gaming room (Source: Freepik)

A single-player would hardly require 64 square feet of space to create a gaming station. Read on to find practical tips to turn your small bedroom into a functional gaming room.

11 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas for Gamers

You must wonder how to turn your small bedroom into a gaming room without compromising comfort and movement.

Just sit back and relax; here are eleven practical tips for converting a small space into a functional gaming room.

You will still need these seven items to start building your gaming room.

1. Small Gaming Desk with Wall Storage

When limited space is an issue, the best thing you can do is optimize it to fit every item.

For a small bedroom gaming room, all you need is a small gaming desk, a chair, and storage space that would best fit on the walls.

Voila! Your gaming room setup is complete!

Small Gaming Setup
Small Gaming Setup (Source: Freepik)

A single gaming desk hardly measures 60 x 30 x 30 inches, which will endure a PC or console, gaming monitor, speakers, and peripherals.

If you wish to add a triple-monitor setup, or quad-monitor setup, you can easily do so by installing a custom quad-monitor stand without needing an additional desk surface.

For the rest of the items, you have wall-mounted storage and shelves that will be used for storing gaming peripherals when not in use, memorabilia, collectibles, and other things.

You can always vamp up the decor by installing projected and RGB lighting to enjoy a dedicated gaming room experience.

Here are the essential items you would need.

Gaming DeskSpecificationImage
Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk (Separate)The 55-inch wide gaming desk consists of 60% metal and 40% particle board, perfect for a single user
GTRACING Gaming ChairCarries up to 300 lb, seat adjustable, 90~170°reclining and rocking and swivelGTRACING Gaming Chair
Prepac Modern Floating Desk with DrawerA floating shelf perfect for gamers to display their collectibles and gaming items.
Prepac Modern Floating Desk with Drawer

2. Gaming Station Under Loft Bed

It is usual to find a loft bed in most teenagers’ rooms.

The great thing about them is that the underside of the loft bed has significant space that can be used otherwise.

So why not set up your gaming station under your loft bed?

You can easily set up a miniature gaming station by adding a single gaming desk accompanied by minimalist gaming peripherals (Acer Nitro keyboard and mousepad with a portable monitor) and a small chair.

Loft bed gaming room
Loft bed gaming room (Source: Rassel Catapang YouTube)

Although smaller than the usual single gaming station, it will more or less create a functional gaming room.

3. Hidden Gaming Desk in the Closet

If you are a fan of the famous fantasy tales of Narnia, you will fancy the idea of a hidden closet.

Imagine a hidden closet that opens up a gaming realm instead of a fantasy world. Sounds cool, right?

If you are managing restricted floor space, consider installing a hidden closet fitted with a multipurpose home office desk and wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted storage racks to store all the items.

It may not be large enough to fit a gaming chair. No problem; you can always get used to a mini-chair while gaming.

Here is an exciting gaming room setup just behind the closet.

4. All Wall-Mounted Gaming Station

What is better than wall-mounting everything to save floor space to create a functional gaming space?

It helps reduce the need for a standing desk which may often take up significant space, but it may not be as easy as you assume.

The walls of your bedroom should be fixed with anchors that can hold the weight of the entire peripherals.

A pegboard
Wall-mounted pegboard (Source: Amazon)

On top of that, the wall storage should also endure storage shelves to take in collectibles, memorabilia, and items.

Here is a simple tip to set up wall-mounted storage.

  • Get a drill, a screwdriver, wall anchors, and wall mounts (panels).
  • Drill holes in the wall to insert wall anchors or screws. (Follow the manufacturer’s guide)
  • Install wall anchors to keep the wall mount from falling off.
  • Twist wall anchors into the respective holes in the wall.
  • Add the wall mount with the anchors and fix it with screws.
  • Slide in the wall mounts and secure the push-in plug.

Similarly, you can use the wall mount to add shelves, wall counters, and floating shelves to store different items.

5. Long Rectangular Desk for Empty Wall Space

If your bedroom has some depth but not enough width, you can consider installing a long desk for a gaming setup.

Adding a long desk will compensate additional space required for storage units.

Long Desk for Gaming room
Long desk for gaming room (Source: Freepik)

The long desk will provide space to keep your PC and console, multiple gaming monitors, speakers, peripherals, and other items.

Consider adding a DlandHome Composite Workstation or Flexispot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk.

Another way to consider a long desk is to add an extension to your rectangular desk to adjust the additional monitor or other items.

6. Nook Gaming Station

Consider switching it into a functional gaming room when you have a nook corner in your bedroom.

Most users use this space as a storage unit or to place a cupboard, but you should consider setting up a gaming room.

The best thing about using this space is that you need not change your bedroom’s layout to add a gaming station.

Nook corner gaming room
Nook corner gaming room (Source: Reddit)

Consider adding a single gaming desk or custom work desk according to the corner’s size. Top it off with a side extension, a storage unit, and a gaming chair.

If you do not wish to compromise the floor space and movability, consider installing wall-mounted storage and shelves.

7. L-Shaped Corner Gaming Setup

The L-shaped gaming setup is perfect for gamers with a small bedroom. It easily fits into the tiny corner without taking up significant space.

Consider adding an L-shaped desk (according to the corner’s size) to accommodate players and their consoles.

L-shape office desk
L-shaped desk with computer peripherals (Source: Amazon)

An L-shaped desk allows you to move around to access both sides of the desk.

However, Most L-shaped desks are just regular or work desks that can be used for an immersive gaming experience.

Here are a few recommendations for you.

Gaming DeskSpecificationImage
VECELO L Shaped Computer Corner Desk (Shared)L-shaped home office desk with a 59-inch wide surface on both sides for two gamers
Avatar Battlestation L-Shape Gaming Desk (Separate)54-inch wide L-shaped gaming desk with LED lighting and intelligent power hub
LUFEIYA L Shaped Desk White DeskSleek, space-saving, but offers plenty of room for single, double and triple monitors!

You can top it off with a small storage cabinet beside the desk or wall-mounted storage just above the desk.

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8. Standing Gaming Setup

A standing desk or workstation is the answer to a small room or space. Not only does it frees up floor space, but it also adds style to your gaming setup.

However, a standing desk would not offer significant space to hold the CPU, console, or other items.

Consider placing the CPU and storage under the desk. Use the standing desk surface to store the LED screen.

Otherwise, add an extension to endure the keyboard and mousepad for a standing desk with a smaller depth. If the floor space is the issue, consider mounting the standing desk to the wall.

9. Office in Gaming Station

Gamers who already have set up a home office in the bedroom can consider turning it into a gaming station.

Imagine a workstation during the day and a gaming station in the evening and on weekends.

However, it may require additional peripherals such as an LED monitor, gaming mouse, large mousepad, gaming console, and speakers.

Lighting for working on Computer
Office in gaming station (Source: Unsplash)

Consider adding a gaming chair, a mini-fridge, and RGB lighting to zest up your gaming station. Otherwise, you can start from scratch and create a workspace and gaming station.

10. Absolute Minimalist Gaming Room

Consider a minimalist gaming setup to adopt minimal decor that would suit a small bedroom.

You can quickly declutter and simplify the gaming space with minimal equipment and accessories.

Prioritize spaciousness, simple furnishing, style functionality, minimal gaming peripherals, and an intelligent storage system to optimize the space.

Choosing minimalism will not only reduce the clutter but also give minimal decor to the space.

Please read our article about setting up a minimal gaming room.

11. Vertical Monitor Gaming Setup

You may wonder whether having one vertical monitor would bother your gaming experience because it is unconventional.

Vertical monitors are best for app games or any other games with the user interface specified as a portrait.

Place the second monitor vertically if you want to use a dual monitor setup. That will free up some additional space on the side, enough for you to display your computer as well.

You can mimic your monitor to play app games on a larger screen if you are into mobile gaming, such as racing, arcade, and simulator games.

However, remember whether you have a monitor stand supporting a vertical setup.

In addition, consider the screen size so it pairs with another screen. It is best to get both monitors of the same size.

A significant advantage of setting up a vertical monitor is using it for work, such as writing and coding.

Average Cost to Setup Small Bedroom into a Gaming Room

Determining the cost of setting up a small bedroom gaming room is pretty straightforward.

All you need is the gaming equipment, furniture, chair, lighting, and storage to set up a gaming station in the bedroom.

HomeAdvisor points out that single gaming rooms usually cost between $3,000 to $34,000.

However, it would entirely depend on the amount of new furnishing you wish to add or remove.

A bedroom usually has furnishings that you can use for gaming room setup; hence you can keep the cost to a minimum.

Here are the items and costs required to set up a basic gaming room.

Gaming Room itemCost
Gaming Desk (Single or Double)$59-$500
Gaming Chair$100-$200
Shelves or Display Cabinet$149-$374
Floating Shelves (Optional)$36 or more
RGB lighting$20-$50
UHD and Ultra-Wide Monitor$319-$1200

If you wish to add speakers, it may cost anywhere between $150 and $500.

Things to Consider Before Making a Gaming Setup in a Small Bedroom

Before turning your small bedroom into a gaming room, consider accommodating a few essential factors.

1. Gaming Room Layout

Start with determining your gaming room layout.

Because a bedroom already has a bed, cupboard, and storage units, you will be hardly left with 20-30% of the room size, usually 20-30 sq. ft. for a 100 sq. ft. bedroom.

The best idea would be to utilize the empty spaces, nooks, corners, and wall space to set up gaming desks and storage.

Here are a few things to remember.

  • Embrace Balance: Use small desks, chairs, and minimal storage to prevent them from occupying significant bedroom space.
  • Consider Traffic Flow: Leave ample floor space to enable traffic, as you would still need to move around in the bedroom.
  • Create Functional Zone: Do not forget the wall and nook corners used to install wall storage, lighting, displays, and decorations.

Here is a video highlighting the 129 sq. ft. bedroom cum gaming room.

Read on to find out what should be your average gaming room size

2. Consider Storage Space

Storage space is an essential part of any gaming room. You would need to store gaming peripherals when not in use, collectibles, merchandise, etc.

Storage units, including shelves, wall counters, and floating shelves, will come in handy for storing essential items.

Turning wall space into a work space
Wall-mounted storage space (Source: Pexels)

However, the limited bedroom space can become an issue. Consider minimal yet handy storage for your small bedroom gaming room.

For example, consider adding capacity drawers that easily fit under or beside the desk. Otherwise, opt for wall-mounted storage and shelves.

3. Gaming Room Equipment

The correct gaming room equipment creates a functional gaming room environment.

Consider essential gaming room equipment required to require a minimal yet functional gaming room.

Ultra-Wide Gaming monitorAn ultra-wide gaming monitor is a must for gaming. Choose whether you need single or multiple monitors for each gamer.
Gaming ChairAn ergonomic gaming chair
LightingA gaming room needs ambient and accent lighting to illuminate the space and create a mood.
Blackout BlindsChoose appropriate blackout blinds or curtains to cover the windows to block sunlight.
HeadphoneTwo people gaming will be noisy; hence, decide whether you would need headphones to cancel background noise.
Gaming Console/PCYou can either buy gaming consoles like X-box, PS, etc. or install a high-spec CPU
PeripheralsAdditionally, a gaming mouse pad, gaming mouse, power hub, etc., are vital for a gaming room.
Ultra-Wide LED TV OptionalAdding a TV provides an entertainment center to take a break from gaming and enjoy sports or movies together.

4. Ambient and RGB Lighting

Lighting is crucial to creating a gaming room ambiance because room light would not be ideal for a gaming environment.

Level up the lighting by installing correct RGB lighting and focus lighting fixtures.

RGB Lighting
RGB Lighting (Source: Unsplash)

Here are a few recommendations.

Gaming Room LightsFeatures
SkylightsSkylight generates patterns of the star-filled night sky, galaxies, and asteroids in different variations
Laser lightsLaser light adds vibrant RGB colors to your gaming room. Choose from small to larger laser beam lights
LED lightsLed can be used for both ambient and task lighting to create a soft and relaxing environment
Fan lightsFanlight is appropriate for cooling consoles and computers. Choose fan light with RGB lighting
Projection lights Projection light adds the layer and ambiance to an existing gaming room lighting

5. Soundproofing the Room

Lastly, consider soundproofing your room so you do not disturb others with your gaming sound.

Gaming is a serious affair, and sometimes the noise may seep outside. On the other hand, the outside may interfere with your gaming experience.

By soundproofing your gaming room, you can avoid all of these possibilities.

Check out a few ways to soundproof your room.

  • Adding soft and fluffy items to a room help conceal the sound, such as plush rugs.
  • Use heavy curtains over your window.
  • Install a sound-dampening blanket to cover empty corners.
  • Alternatively, consider adding high-quality acoustic panels on walls and ceilings to create a recording studio-like environment.


Creating a gaming room in a small bedroom can be challenging but not impossible. Add creativity to your bedroom and utilize the least used corners to set up a gaming station.

However, avoid adding too much stuff in your bedroom that may compromise the traffic flow and functionality.

Follow this guide to create a DIY small bedroom gaming room.

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